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Demography Lab

Cloud Computing for Demographers

The Berkeley Demography Lab is the cloud computing facility for the Berkeley Demography Community.

With support from the following institutions, the Demography Lab provides secure cloud based computing resources for faculty and students both on campus and elsewhere in the world

The lab provides a computing environment optimized for research and teaching in Demography. All of the popular tools of data science and statists are supported and consulting help is available from our professional staff and wider community. Users have access to large amounts of disk space and sufficient RAM to operate on large social science datasets either remotely or using workstations in our computer lab.

In addition to computing infrastructure, the Demography Lab also provides:

  • Planning and setup of secure data projects.
  • Hosting special purpose datasets for research groups.
  • First mile assistance for young researchers.

The Lab is available to Faculty and Students of the University of California, while they are engaged in teaching, learning, or research in Demography.

New users are encouraged to study both the Getting Started document, and the 12 most important Unix commands.