How you send print jobs to Demography Lab printers depends on whether you are working on Demography Lab public workstation OR a laptop connected via AirBears.

  • From public workstations or applications running under noMachine, no setup is required. Just print from whatever app you are using.
  • From personal computers over wifi one must setup Google Cloud Printing

Printing from the public workstations (or applications running under noMachine)

If you are working on one of the workstations in the attic of basement of 2232 Piedmont, printing works just as you would expect. Each application does it's own slightly different thing, but somewhere there's a print menu item from which you select one of the available printers.

Demography Lab Printers

Printer nameLocatonSpecial features
agebasement 2232 Piedmontfast,noisey, duplex
reproductionphotocopier 1st flr 2232 Piedmontstaples, collates, duplexes
reproduction-colorphotocpier 1st flr 2232 Piedmontuse this instance to print color
cohort2nd flr 2232 Piedmontduplex
region2nd flr 2224 Piedmontduplex
Barrows_Rm_4774th flr Barrowsnot locally managed|
Barrows_Rm_4834th flr Barrowsnot locally managed|

Why doesn't my portable just print like local workstations?

Printer sharing is designed to work only over local networks. Even though you might be in the same building as the printer to which you would like to send your print job, you are nonetheless NOT on the same local network if your computer is connected via AirBears2. AirBears2, for good reason, is on the opposite side of the firewall from our demography lab printers and as a result the various ways in which printers ``advertise'' their existence are blocked. Consequently, configuring your machine to print will require some actual typing rather than just pointing and clicking.

Google cloud printing

Google cloud print is a scheme by which you send your print job to a local printer via google. The mechanism by which this is done is the google group called UCBdemog-print. In order to avail yourself of this benefit, you must therefore become a member of this google group (and that is all that you have to do - in order to be able to print from your chome browser. Once you join your account to the group, you will be able to print to Demography Lab printers any file that you can load into your google chrome browser. Since the browser can display .pdf's as well as .png and .jpg files, you can pretty much print anything from this browser... possibly after some wrangling.

If you feel that the universe owes you a more convenient printing experience - than that afforded by using the google-chrome browser to print... It is also possible to install additional software that will allow you to print directly from any mac/windows application. (See below for instructions and best wishes)

Joining UCBdemog-print (the only thing you must do to print from your portable)

There are lots of ways of doing this but only one is easy:

First :

Be googled in on your browser - that is sign into our browser as the user that you expect to print as. Since your (aka Calnet) account is also a google account-- just reading your bmail in a google-chrome browser is enough to get you signed in as a google user. But if you like, you can use a different google identity.


  1. visit this url:
  2. click on Apply for membership
  3. wait "patiently" for one of the group owners to admit you -- if your pants are on fire send polite email to to hurry things along.

Benefits of membership: Printing from google-chrome

Once you have joined your google account to the UCBdemography-print group, the print menu in your google chrome browser (not safari, not firefox..yet) will include a bunch of printers under the heading google cloud print. You can send jobs to them just as you would a local printer. File -> Open or drag and drop

In some OS's, the File -> Open allows you to open documents that reside on your local machine, into a browser window. It is also possible with some OSs to drag a file from the filemanager onto your browser. Either of these methods should cause your browser to display the file's contents in a window. And from there you just print as you would any webpage.

This works very well with pdf's, gif's, jpg's and png's, but not so well with docx and other formats. Consequently, to print from word under this scheme, you'll need to first export your document to a pdf. Tedious perhaps, but not hard. (works from any browser)

Another way to print a file from your computer is to browse to This site should offer you a big red Print button which launches a dialog that will allow you to select a file from your computer and send it to a Demography Lab printer. It should work very well with pdfs, gifs, jpgs and pngs. Not so sure about proprietary word processing formats. But you never know.

Fancier ways of printing

If you are among those whose expectations for technology are not met by this printing-from-the-browser solution then the path forward requires a some software installation.

For Windows - google cloudprintdriver

Although it is still listed as ``beta google provides a cloud printer ``driver which you can download from It appears to be free and will allow your windows applications to send print jobs directly to cloud connected printers. Please try it and let us know if it works.

For Mac OS/X

For the Mac for $1.99 you can transcend the barbaric google-chrome-browser intermediated printing setup and print directly from mac applications - as no doubt your god intended. You get it through the App store so you don't have to worry (much) about ... Satan.

The app is called ``Cloud printer'' it's written by Somasundaram M. who seems like a nice guy. Here's the website

There is also a ``free'' solution, which requires some technical fortitude. This ties cloudprint printers associated with a gmail / bMail account to the local CUPS instance. It is the same software as used for Linux clients, but packaged for installation on the Mac (scroll down the page to the Mac section).

For Linux

If you have a personal Linux workstation or portable, you can access the GCP printers at Demography by using some nifty software, which comes packaged in several forms. Requires root or sudo privileges. Integrates the GCP printers associated with your bMail account (e.g. the Demography printers) into the local CUPS print server.

More general information

If the above information is out of date or if you just happen to be a curious sort of person, Google seem to maintain a list cloud printing software at