How you send print jobs to Demography Lab printers depends on whether you are working on Demography Lab public workstation OR a laptop connected via eduroam/AirBears.

  • From public workstations or applications running under noMachine, no setup is required. Just print from whatever app you are using.
  • ***DEPRECATED*** GCP discontinued From personal computers over wifi one must setup Google Cloud Printing

Printing from the public workstations (or applications running under noMachine)

If you are working on one of the workstations in the attic of basement of 2232 Piedmont, printing works just as you would expect. Each application does it's own slightly different thing, but somewhere there's a print menu item from which you select one of the available printers. At the moment there is only one working printer: SSB-Reproduction , which is the Canon photocopier in Room 327, Social Science Building

DEPRECATED Printing from an ethernet connection inside 2232 /2224 Piedmont

If you are onsite frequently, you may wish to gain network access and print via hardwired ethernet connection. Your computer must be registered on the network for this to work (easy).

  • Windows. Start the 'Add a Printer or Scanner' dialog, choose 'the printer that I want is not listed', 'Select a shared printer by name' and for the address use '<printer name>' (where <printer name> is the printer name in the table below, e.g. 'age'). Then choose Next, and with any luck your computer will prompt you for the printer driver to use, which you can locate using the Model listed in the table below for your chosen printer. Choose the Postscript variant of any model if there are multiple choices.
  • OS X TBA

Printing from outside the network or from SSB ( eduroam wifi or campus VPN)

The campus wifi networks are outside of our LAN and there is an obvious security problem in having our printers open to the world. In short, we need to restrict who has access to the printers.

Printer access from Campus WiFi (eduroam, campus VPN)

  • CalVisitor will NOT work. You must use eduroam or connect via the campus VPN. Also note: you must disable any external VPN while configuring the printer and while actually printing. The campus' official VPN does seem to work with the printing directions given below, which gives you a way to print remotely or from home.


Settings / Printers and Scanners / Add a printer or scanner / printer that I want isn't listed / Select a shared printer by name. In the box enter (NB: Substitute the printer you wish to use in lieu of 'reproduction-color' from the table below, but at the moment SSB-Reproduction is the only activated printer). The Add Printer Wizard dialog will prompt you to choose the printer driver. You can always use a generic postscript driver, but then you will not have access to all the features of the particular printer. In the example case here, the driver is the 'Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 (PS3)' [see table below]. If your wifi connection is not live so that the print server can be reached, the printer queue will not be visible to you.


The process is similar to the instructions for Windows. Using printer 'SSB-Reproduction' as the example: System Preferences / Printers and Scanners / choose '+' to add a printer / IP tab / Address:, Protocol: IPP, Queue: /printers/SSB-Reproduction , Name: Canon photocopier (or something description), Location: Rm 327 SSB, Use: HP Laserjet P4010 Series (alt: generic postscript, or install Canon drivers before hand), and then add the features that you know that the printer has, e.g. duplexing

Printer access via NoMachine

NoMachine requires that you login to our system and you therefore have the right to print on our printers. Assuming that you have logged in to your NoMachine remote desktop, the following steps will allow you to print on the Computer Lab printers:

  • step back to the configuration mode, either by typing the shortcut <cntl><alt>0 or by mousing over the upper right edge of the desktop until you see the edge 'peel back' and click.
  • Choose to change Devices / Connect a Printer
  • You will see a list of Remote Printers which are the printers supported on our local network [age (basement); cohort (3rd floor); reproduction (copier, BW); reproduction_color (copier, Color) ]. Choose the printer that you wish to use.
  • Import the chosen Remote Printer (e.g. age) to be a local printer with Private Connection
  • Connect to the newly created local printer
  • step back through the screens to get back to the noMachine desktop

Printer access via SSH tunneling

Details TBA

List of Demography Lab Printers

Printer nameModel|!LocationSpecial features
SSB-ReproductionCanon iR-ADV C5235/5240 (PS3)photocpier Rm 327 Social Sciences Buildinguse this instance to print color (duplex)
ageHP LaserJet P4015basement 2232 Piedmontfast,noisy, duplex
reproductionCanon iR-ADV C5235/5240 (PS3)photocopier 1st flr 2232 Piedmontstaples, collates, duplexes
reproduction-colorCanon iR-ADV C5235/5240 (PS3)photocpier 1st flr 2232 Piedmontuse this instance to print color
cohortHP LaserJet 42002nd flr 2232 Piedmontduplex
regionKyocera FS-1370DN2nd flr 2224 Piedmontduplex
Barrows_Rm_477Xerox Phaser 4500N4th flr Barrowsnot locally managed|
Barrows_Rm_483Xerox Phaser 4500N4th flr Barrowsnot locally managed|

Why doesn't my portable just print like local workstations?

Printer sharing is designed to work only over local networks. Even though you might be in the same building as the printer to which you would like to send your print job, you are nonetheless NOT on the same local network if your computer is connected via AirBears2. AirBears2, for good reason, is on the opposite side of the firewall from our demography lab printers and as a result the various ways in which printers ``advertise'' their existence are blocked. Consequently, configuring your machine to print will require some actual typing rather than just pointing and clicking.