We run a listserv for mostly administrative purposes. Some lists can joined and dropped at will, others are curated by David Murphy -- who alone decides whether or not you are a student, faculty, trainee, staff or alum.

You can see what lists exist and if you're a member you can view the history at

If you have a Demography Lab userid then you can see who's on the lists or at least the addresses on the various lists at

Most lists are "moderated" in the sense that if you send email to the list, it will have to wait until David Murphy allows it to be delivered.

Generally speaking the most useful lists are:

Curated lists (ask David if you aren't on one of these but should be)

  • : All current students
  • : Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors, Trainees - everyone associated with the department and likely to have a physical presence in Berkeley.
  • : Local + Alums - everyone who you might want to invite to a party
  • : everyone that we know of who is or has ever been associated with the Demography Department.
  • : members of a particular cohort e.g.

Self Regulating (go to to join or exit.

  • : current job openings for demographers and people who look like demographers.
  • : for announcing the bi-weekly Subjective Wellbeing "Seminar"
  • : for announcing weekly brownbag seminars