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Demography Lab

Complete Count US Census Micro Data

By agreement with Minnesota Population Center(MPC) and digitized complete count micro-data from US census of 1790 - 1940 are available at the Demography Lab in a convenient yet secure computing environment. Although these data are not yet harmonized and cleaned to the usual IPUMS standards, there is a great deal of immensely valuable information in this newly available data source.

Getting Access

The first step in getting access to the data send email to
Carl Mason with a brief description of your research project. The entire application process generally takes less that 3 days. Help in getting setup and ind using the data are available from Demography Lab staff as well as from the growing community of users.

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Mini Conference on the Complete Count Census and Record Linkage

The first of hopefully many conferences on the complete count census from Decemember 2015

Workshop on Complete Census Count Data and Record Linkage Techniques from Berkeley Population Sciences on Vimeo.