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Connecting and Disconnecting from a FreeNX Session

One of the coolest features of FreeNX is that if you disconnect or are disconnected by some force of nature, your session will not disappear. It will instead wait for you just like a well trained dog. When you reconnect everything will be as you left it except that your huge Stata job might have finished. Processes that you launch in a FreeNX session continue to run even if you are not connected. You can also simply terminate your connection to freeNX. This the preferred way to stop working as it keeps the universe more tidy and give you a psychological sense of closure thus allowing you to truly relax for once.

A running application in a disconnected session can cause "confusion" when you try to launch that same application from a workstation in 2232 Piedmont. So Disconnecting (and keeping your session alive) is a useful feature -- but only if you need it.

Terminating your session

To terminate your session (this applies to all clients) you can simply logout as you would from a workstation... click on System--> Log Out With X2go you can also terminate by bringing the X2go client application from you computer's task bar and clicking on the Terminate button.

Disconnecting with a NoMachine client

To disconnect, from the NoMachine client, mouse over to the upper right hand corner of your virtual desktop and notice that the corner peels away enticing you to click and reveal this menu CornerMenu.png

click on "Connection" and choose "Disconnect"

Disconnecting ("suspending") your X2go session

The X2go client uses the term "suspend" in place of NoMachine's "disconnect". To make it happen you need to get your X2go client application to show itself. You cannot suspend directly from the desktop (If you know a way please let me know -- wait Colin Caine suggests that Ctrl+Alt+t from an active X2go session will cause it to suspend). If Ctrl+Alt+t is not to your liking You can use Alt+TAB to cycle through your open applications to get access to the X2go menu. This is the menu of which I speak: X2goMenu.png

In the left panel there are buttons for sharing a folder, suspending and terminating.


To reconnect, just launch your client application, and connect as you would if you were opening a new session.


Do still save your work often. Servers do crash no and then and if that happens your unsaved changes as well as the state of your desktop will be lost.

Problems disconnecting/reconnecting

If you encounter problems reconnecting See Help:Problems reconnecting